Tools designated for reconditioning are often carelessly tossed into a regrind box. This results in further damage – with. There has to be a better way! This was the inspiration behind the LogisticSystem, our modular storage and transport system for tools.

All cutting tools are subjected to wear during use, which shortens their service life and reduces their cutting performance. However, cutting tools can be reconditioned and reground to restore their sharpness and precision. Unfortunately, the used tools are often collected and transported rather carelessly in old boxes and crates, resulting in further damage. This not only jeopardizes your process security, but also creates unnecessary expenses that drive up production costs.

Keep all your tools in view – at all times

Our LogisticSystem lets you safely collect your tools and ensure they are kept safe, clean, and protected during transport for regrinding, coating, reconditioning, and in your internal logistics process. At the same time, it lets you keep track of your cutting tools so you’re always aware of their current condition. This improves your productivity, reduces production and tool costs, and minimizes the risk of injury to your employees. A real win-win situation, or so our customers tell us! Want to know more about our storage and transport system for cutting tools? Then simply give us a call!

rose plastic LogisticSystem

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Our LogisticSystem was developed for the logistics of regrinding and reconditioning of valuable tools.

rose plastic SystemBoard

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The SystemBoard lets you collect and transport cutting tools.